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pass_banner Battleground Fitness is so confident you’ll love our gym that we’re offering a FREE 7 Day Pass. Come in and take a tour. You’ll have a chance to workout, sign up for classes, consult with a Certified Personal Trainer, and much more!

They say getting to the gym is the hardest part of working out. Our FREE 7 Day Pass will make it a whole lot easier for you. Give us a call, or just stop by. We’ll get you started on a personalized health and fitness program.

 So what do you think? Are you ready to get started?

  • I don’t want to workout alone.  You don’t have to.  Join our group class.  You’ll have a blast and you’ll loose weight too!
  • Summer is already here. I’ll try again next year.  How many years have you been saying that? Start making healthier lifestyle choices today.
  • I’m just too busy with work to go to the gym. Talk to a Certificate Personal Trainer about quick, but highly effective fat burning, muscle building workouts.
  • Is there a free trial or something, just so I can try it out? Ahm, yeah…. How about we give you a FREE 7 Day Pass?
  • I’m just too tired. I don’t have the energy to workout.  That is exactly why you should workout. You’ll feel stronger, healthier, more energetic!
  • I haven’t been to a gym in years. I wouldn’t know where to start.  Start by taking advantage of our Free 7 Day Pass. From there, we’ll get you going in the right direction.

 Sign up today and let us get you started on a health and fitness program that will change your life!  

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