7 Best Headphones for Working Out

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The right headphones can help you stay motivated while powering through even the most hardcore cardio routine. If you need a new pair to up your workout game, try these 7 best headphones for working out.

7 Best Headphones for Working Out

  1. Bose SIE2i – Bose products are renowned for quality, so it should not surprise you that these workout earbuds top our list. With clean sound quality, these will deliver excellent audio straight to your ears and block out noise so you can concentrate on your routine. The thick cords resist tangling, no matter what you’re doing in the gym.
  2. JayBird BlueBuds – We like this style of earbud for workouts because they slip securely into the ear and are held in place by a small rubber tip. No amount of treadmill pounding will knock them out of your ear. The sound quality is unmatched, and the buds themselves fit securely in your ear for a good fit. You can’t go wrong with these JayBird headphones for working out.
  3. Maxell Amplified – A solid over the ear option, these Maxell Amplifieds fit securely over the top of your head and block out much of the noise around you with thick, padded earphones. These are lightweight enough not to weigh you down during your workout, and foldable for easy storage from gym to home. The sound quality is very good, but do be careful since you may not hear other sounds around you in the gym while working out with these headphones.
  4. best headphonesMonster iSport – These sweatproof and washable headphones are built to withstand extreme workouts in the gym or on the go. Compatible with helmets and goggles, the iSport works well for skiing or snowboarding, yet is comfortable for in-gym workouts too. Noise-blocking capabilities help you focus on your workout. The audio feature connects to iPods; the mic and speaker work with select iPod, iPad, and iPhone models for hands-free sound control.
  5. Panasonic RP-HJE355 – These Panasonic earbuds come with three sets of buds – small, medium, and large. This makes them a good option for users with bigger or smaller ears. They also transition nicely from sports to everyday use, and stay untangled thanks to a sliding cord adjuster. If you’re looking for an everyday pair of headphones that does double duty at the gym, we recommend these.
  6. Skullcandy Chops Buds – These earbuds slip into your ear and stay in place using a behind-the-ear hanger. They’re ideal for active cardio workouts or long runs outside. If you have problems with earbuds falling out of your ear during a workout, these are a good and affordable solution.
  7. Sony XBA-S65 – Not only is the adjustable ear loop cool looking, it will keep these Sony earbuds from falling out during a workout. These are sweatproof and water-resistant, which we love. The earbud cord is 5 feet long, so it can get in the way. Plan accordingly and secure it before you start working out.

Do you have a favorite pair of headphones that we left out? If so let us know what you think are the best headphones for working out in the comments.

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