Benefits of Training With Resistance Bands

resistance bands

I love resistance bands for many reasons, and I think you should too! Let me share with you a handful of benefits that you can experience when training with resistance bands to better convey how important they are in achieving a complete level of fitness.

5 Benefits of Training With Resistance Bands

resistance bandsVersatile:

Now, should they take the place of dumbbells or traditional weights? No. But they are a very effective piece of equipment that can be used in a number of settings and situations. And they can be included in several types of strength training programs, helping provide the user’s muscles a variety of tensions and angles. Resistance bands can work for people at many different fitness levels too.


One of the benefits of training with resistance bands is that they are appealing to so many people, possibly because they aren’t as imposing as heavier weights and don’t require the user to have a lot of experience.


I can kick my butt (literally) with a resistance band. And this is one of my favorite benefits of training with this piece of equipment. I can pack it in a suitcase and use it in a hotel, or carry it all over my home. A resistance band is lightweight and affordable too!


And because they have a simple design, you don’t have to get up and move a bunch of weight around to make the exercise harder. You can purchase a variety of tension strengths or modify intensity by simply adjusting the slack of the band.

Stabilization and Injury prevention:

Training with resistance bands requires you to stabilize and maintain control as you complete the entire range of motion. You can’t just let go of the band, but instead have to engage muscles (especially your core) and control the tension as you bring the band back to its starting point. This type of training boosts your overall strength especially in the surrounding stabilizer muscles, which can help prevent future injuries. Additionally, a major benefit of training with a resistance band is that it’s low-impact and joint-friendly and can be used as part of a rehabilitation program.

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    I have incorporated Bodylastics bands into my training program consisting of gymnastic rings, animal movements, and sledge hammers/tire. I absolutely love the resistance bands, especially doing cardio type routines with music–James Brown, Rick James, etc. It is exhausting, challenging, and fun, and best of all allows me to train 7 days per week. I hope to get a blog/YouTube video out in the near future for the older population and show them that everybody, regardless of age, should incorporate an exercise routine, defined as just hard playtime according to your response on that particular day, throughout one’s lifespan. It is the only time in the day that you only have to answer to just yourself for whatever level of intensity, duration, and mode that you feel appropriate at that time and space. Bands fit in VERY well.

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