Learn how to build lean muscle and shred fat!

coverThere are numerous reasons for wanting to build up your muscles. In addition to protecting your bones and internal organs, you need muscles to support all of your body movements. Muscles support your body in your day-to-day activities and they also allow you to participate in sports. Your muscles help you enjoy a better quality of life. You need to take care of them, keep them strong, feed them, and keep them healthy. But let’s not kid ourselves; muscles also look flat-out sexy. When you see a man or a woman with a muscular, athletic frame they look extremely attractive, healthy, and fit. Have you noticed how happy these people typically are also? That is the way most people would like to look. All it takes is hard work and a proper strategy for muscle growth.

Mike Sundvall, a Certified Personal Trainer for Max Fitness, an affiliate of Battle Ground Fitness, will show you how to build muscle in this eBook. Whether you are new to lifting weights, or you’ve been lifting for years, Mike uncovers techniques that can help you go to the next level in your fitness. You can use this eBook as the bases for your weight training and nutrition.

This eBook explains:

  • How many days should you rest between workouts.
  • Is there a difference between building muscle and gaining strength?
  • How do you get lean muscle mass?
  • Should you lift heavy or light weights?
  • What is resistance training?
  • Is it better to lift weights quickly or slowly?
  • How long will it take to start seeing results?
  • What kinds of food should you be eating during the day?
  • Should you worry about your daily calorie intake?

Download this eBook today and get to work on your own weight training program!

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