ebook_coverYour fitness goals can be very tough to achieve but with a few simple keys to success you can make your journey a lifestyle change. The biggest obstacle that keeps most people from achieving their fitness goals is nutrition. But do you have the facts on nutrition that you need to reach your goals? You’ve heard that carbs such as pasta and potatoes are bad and you should eat them very sparingly, if at all. But is this true? What about meat? Every other article explains that red meat might not be the best of your choices when it comes to meat? If so, why?

This eBook has the straight answers to many questions you have about nutrition and more. Certified Trainers and Professional Body Builders, Chasity Barker and Blaire Rummel answer questions and expose the myths and truths about nutrition so that you can get rid of the guesswork when you’re sitting at the dinner table.

In this eBook you will find out:

  • What happens if you don’t eat breakfast?
  • Should you eat before a workout or not?
  • Is caffeine every appropriate to consume when it comes to your workout?
  • How long after you workout do you need to eat?
  • When should you drink a protein shake, if at all?
  • Does weight training make women look manly?
  • How much cardio do you really need to do?
  • What’s the deal with organic food?
  • and much, much more.

Download this eBook and start your library of Battle Ground Fitness education that will help you reach your goals and get more fit than you ever knew you could be.

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