Are you just getting started on a health and fitness program? Or have you decided to get back in shape? We have the class for you. This Foundations class is a circuit-style training class where we focus on the basics. Your body is built to be strong and flexible. You should also have the maximum range of motion. This class will help you structure a solid foundation for which to build a strong, lean, muscular body.


Many people underestimate the importance of stretching. Stretching increases flexibility and ensures that your joints all move the way they were designed to move. Stretching also warms up and prepares your muscles for physical activity. Before playing sports, doing cardio exercises, or lifting weights you should always stretch to reduce the risk of injury. Also, stretching after intense exercise keeps your muscles from tightening up which over time will limit your flexibility. We’ll teach you the proper stretching technics.

Weight training

We’ll show you how to get in the gym and hit the weights. You’ll learn how to use proper form so that you’re not wasting energy, or risking injury, but you’re getting the maximum results. Weight training is less about getting huge muscles and more about strength conditioning. We’ll show you that your muscles do not need to be big to be strong. Strong muscles lead to stronger bones and well supported joints and ligaments.


Athletes in every sport perform coordination drills to help them excel. This Foundations class will help you gain better balance through coordination exercises. These exercises strengthen the communication between the brain and the body. This communication increases athleticism, helping your body perform a variety of physical tasks throughout the day. Better balance and coordination helps to avoid painful injuries from falling down, especially in older adults.

Cardiovascular exercise

Cardio activity is the key to losing weight, burning calories, and improving your overall health. You’ll gain a better understanding of the different cardio workouts available to you, how often you should do cardio exercises, and for how long. What are the benefits of running on the treadmill? Of riding the stationary bike? Of using the elliptical machine? You’ll learn how each machine works and how using them will help you reach your health and fitness goals.