Lifting Weights With a Partner

Lifting weights

Lifting weights is one of the most popular exercise methods used to build muscle and strength. While it is an extremely useful exercise, it does have risks, especially for inexperienced beginners. The amount of weight is always controlled by the person who is lifting. Weights can be added and removed as needed to help increase strength and stamina. People who choose lifting as their primary form of exercise often choose to lift with a partner for both safety and motivational reasons.

Offers Motivation

People who lift weights on their own often have trouble staying motivated. Lifting with a partner provides a constant level of motivation that many people need to continue to move forward. Lifting partners encourage one another and also help each other to use correct lifting techniques. Part of the reason motivation is so important is that when lifting is performed correctly it can offer exceptional gains in strength. Working with a partner allows both individuals the opportunity to share their success and continue to move forward. Weight lifting is an extremely vigorous exercise that requires constant motivation. Having a partner can keep you from losing focus and becoming discouraged. The partner may be able to notice small steps forward that the lifter may not be able to notice on their own.

Push Your Limits

lifting weightsWhen it comes to weight lifting, the primary way to advance is to increase the amount of weight used in each lift. When the desired amount of weight is achieved, a maintenance schedule is created that increases the number of reps and slight alterations in the amount of weight to ensure the person remains at that level. When two people partner together to lift weights, they can safely increase the amount of weight they use for each lift without fear pushing too far past their limits. The partner can also observe whether or not the other struggles during the lift. They can offer advice on techniques as well as the amount of weight that should be used.

Prevents Accidents

Probably the most important reason for lifting with a partner is safety. When a partner is present to observe a lift, they will be the first to notice if a problem presents itself. As a spotter, they can easily assist their partner when a larger amount of weight has been added. A spotter also must watch the lifter’s technique to ensure they are performing each lift correctly. It is also the spotter’s job to help support the weight being lifted if, for some reason, the lifter’s hands slip or the weight eventually becomes too much for them to bear.

A spotter must be able to offer both physical and mental support to their lifting partner. While being supportive is essential, safety and accident prevention go hand in hand with individuals who are striving to rebuild and strengthen their body.

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