How To Set Fitness Goals

fitness goals

People don’t just “get healthy”. While making small lifestyle changes will help get them on the right path, most people tend to set some type of fitness goals that will help them gage their progress. A visit to the doctor or a yearly physical exam can be a real eye opener when it comes to discovering serious health problems. Your doctor will be able to give you some sound advice on where to start your fitness program and how best to proceed once your body begins to get used to the new level of activity.

Know your physical condition

It is important to get a physical examination by your family doctor before beginning exercise program. An exam will uncover any potential problems that you will need to be prepared for when you start to exercise. By discussing your intent with your doctor, he will be able to help you set realistic goals that will allow you to make lasting lifestyle changes. In the beginning, small changes will prepare the body for bigger changes that are yet to come.

Decide what you want to achieve

fitness goalsWhen setting fitness goals, it is important to decide what you want to achieve and how long you want to spend working towards that goal. For many, the main goal is to reach a healthy weight and eat more nutritious meals. Becoming more physically active and eating healthier will not only improve a person’s physical health, it will also elevate their mood and boost a their metabolism. Once you know where you want to end up, you can then begin to set specific goals to reach along the way. Setting smaller goals allows you to reach milestones and actually gage the progress you are making.

Measure your level of dedication when it comes to making permanent lifestyle changes

One of the biggest obstacles to setting fitness goals is our own mental processes. If we want to reach the fitness goals we set for ourselves, we have to truly want to succeed. We often sabotage our own progress when we get discouraged. Sometimes we don’t see the changes we want in a certain amount of time. Some people try to make changes for other people instead of themselves. If a person truly wants to make a positive change for themselves, they will be much more apt to stick with their goals than if they are trying to please someone else or earn someone’s approval.

Create a support system

One of the best ways set and eventually reach individual fitness goals is to create a support system. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same fitness goals and interests as you do will help you to stick with the program. Reaching your goals becomes much easier when you have someone to talk to and compare results with.

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