Get Off Online Workouts: 5 Reasons to Hit the Gym

get off online gyms

Online workouts make it easy to burn a few calories anytime you’ve got time without the need to hit the gym. They can seem like the perfect solution if your gym isn’t 24/7, if you want to get in a workout and the weather’s not cooperating, or if you just cannot leave the house due to other obligations. However convenient online workouts may be, they just don’t have the same impact as heading to the gym to get your cardio, core, or strength training on. We’ve got 5 reasons you should that hitting the gym for your next workout can maximize impact.

5 Reasons to Get Off Online Workouts and Hit the Gym!

  1. Gyms have everything you need – At home, you’re limited to the few workout essentials you may have purchased, such as a yoga mat and a set of 5-lb. dumbbells. While this can be great if you’re looking to do some crunches or arm curls while watching television, such basic equipment will not deliver a high-impact workout. To really meet your fitness goals, it’s best to hit the gym where everything you need is in one secure place.
  2. Gyms keep you accountable – At home, no one knows if you complete a fitness workout or stop halfway through because you’re tired. When you make the effort to get in the car and drive to the gym for a workout class or cardio slog, you join the community of gym-goers. You can find workout buddies that keep you accountable to fitness goals day in and day out — something that just isn’t feasible with online workouts.
  3. get off online workoutsYou’ll know you’re doing it right – Even if you’re trying your best to copy form displayed on a fitness video, you may be getting the movements wrong and putting your muscles at risk of injury. In the gym environment, you’ll find helpful trainers on hand to demonstrate proper form to you, which keeps you safe.
  4. You can learn and get inspired – How often have you overheard personal trainers deliver advice at the gym, and then decided to try out that exercise or learn more about that supplement? Just by going to the gym and working through the strength training circuit, you can gain exposure to fitness and diet trends, tips, and best practices that will better help you meet fitness goals.
  5. Distraction-free workouts – When you put on that exercise video at home, you have the best intentions of powering through the full workout. However, you’re still at home and so you can be distracted by a ringing phone, a crying baby, or even the thought that you didn’t unload the dishwasher. When you leave the house and hit the gym, you leave behind all of these distractions and can more easily complete your workout.

While online workouts can be a good complement to your fitness routine, gym membership is essential if you really want to lose weight, build muscle, and meet your fitness goals. Commit to a gym today if you’re serious about getting in shape.

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